Sister – Fulton Hills Book One

Rebecca here.  I can finally announce the book!

If Paranormal & Urban Fantasy/Occult Horror Suspense is your thing, please consider purchasing Sister – Fulton Hills: Book One

Something was wrong here…

A girl stalked by unseen forces.

A helpless mother under pressure to ignore the truth.

Just another day in Fulton Hills… or so she thought.

When Charlie received a request for help, her biggest concern was the author of the email: the daughter of her high school bully. However, worries shifted when her team entered the residence.

Something was full of rage, power… and hunger.

In a county full of old magic, her hometown teeming with the paranormal, Charlie has nothing but book smarts and wit to try and solve this case.

And the clock is ticking…

Will it be enough?

If this sounds intriguing, buy Sister for $2.99 (or get it FREE with Kindle Unlimited).

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