Episode 38: When are Collaborations a Good Idea?

Show Notes for Episode 38: When are Collaborations a Good Idea? Collaborations.

It’s alien subject for many authors. Even the concept can be a bit foreign. Writing is a solo effort. You’re in your mind, working with your characters in your world. Already they can be so hard to control! So what benefit comes from sharing a world, a page, and a cover with another writer?

It’s not what you’re thinking. It has nothing to do with snagging a duo with a bigger name author, gathering up thousands of new readers and the big bucks – in fact, those don’t typically work out as expected.

Tune in as Holly and I discuss the many pros (and the many cons) of collaborations. It might be just what you needed to hear to convince to write with another person – or to keep your invisible people to yourself.

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