Episode 50: Event Writing Part Three: Follow Through

Show Notes for Episode 50: Event Writing Part Three: Follow Through

The Summer of Fiction Writing has a lot of writers setting goals and beginning on their paths towards completion!  Even if you’re listening to this for NaNoWriMo, Script Frenzy, 3 Day Novel or something else, this is fully applicable.
This episode covers Follow Through, both as in finishing the even and on taking something with you.  What do you take with you after the event?  We cover that.
In this episode, Holly and I (host, Rebecca Galardo) will discuss not only how to learn from the events, but how to get “paid” by them (and we’re not talking money), how to use objective standards to view  your goals and define success as well as know if you’re on track?
We’ll also go over how to adapt goals, what “bleeding on the page” should be and should not be and how to find your sweet spot within the event.
Enjoy the final part of the three-part series, all surrounding event writing!

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From Rebecca: My husband says that because I am the author of a trad pubbed poem and have written an article for our local newspaper, that I am wrong and he is correct.  His argument is based on the following and would like this to pointed out:

  1. (definition of published author)The more specific phrase published author refers to an author (especially but not necessarily of books) whose work has been independently accepted for publication by a reputable publisher, versus a self-publishing author or an unpublished one.
  2. (definition of author) a writer of a book, article, or report.
  3. be the author of (a book or piece of writing).

He has since declared this argument won by him.  *sigh*  Married life.

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