Episode 19: What Motivates You to Write Fiction

Show Notes for Episode 19: What Motivates You to Write Fiction

Alone in a Room with Invisible People is a podcast focusing on topics related to writing, revising and publishing fiction.

This week I, (host Rebecca Galardo), discuss the topic of Writing Better Description with Author and Teacher Holly Lisle. We cover the issues many writers face with this topic, such as description that is: boring, too long, too detailed, unnecessary, etc.  We also discuss the most common questions,  “What do I need to include?” and “How do I know when I have the right amount of description?”

Holly provides a very clear set of questions for yourself and actions that can help guide you through writing better description by knowing what is integral in each scene.

We take a look at the following:

  • What exactly is writing?  The answer is probably not what you think.
  • Why do you want to write?
  • Where in your life will  you draw your fiction from and why?
  • What is in it (writing) for you?  What can we get out of it?  What will motivate us to keep going?
  • Questions to ask yourself discover what matters most to you and why.

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Credits: Producer – Rebecca Galardo.  Sponsor – Holly’sWritingClasses.com.  Intro written by Holly Lisle and performed by Mark Hermann. Our podcast is 100% free and sponsored only by Holly’s Writing Classes.

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