Episode 10: Critiques VS Destructive Criticism

Show Notes for Episode 10: Critiques VS Destructive Criticism

Alone in a Room with Invisible People is a podcast focusing on topics related to writing, revising and publishing fiction.

In this episode, host Rebecca Galardo discusses the topic of Good Critiquing VS Bad or Destructive Criticism with Author and Teacher Holly Lisle. They cover what Destructive Criticism is – and how to spot it – what good critiquing is – and how to do it – and share some of their horror stories and insights.

They take a look at the following:

  • What Destructive Criticism is, why you get it, why it hurts, how to spot it and what to do when you get it.
  • What Good Crits are, how to know if the criticism is good, right, wrong or just not what you’re looking for.
  • How to help your people help you and your work
  • And more.

SHARE YOUR CRIT HORROR STORIES HERE!  Name NO names.  Use Kate/Bob for the person you received the criticism from.  Please note that if you don’t your comments are subject to editing and/or deletion.

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Mentioned in the Podcast

  • Holly’s Patreon Page: $1, $2 and $5 (top tier) levels supporting her fiction writing while she continues her main focus on creating her non-fiction courses.
  • Matt’s Content Edits
  • Hawkspar Issue: I realized in looking for this article, that the part with “The Hills You Die On” was a part of one of Holly’s courses.  But this gives you an insight into where she was at the time of finding out that someone had cut 55K words out of her book without regard to the writer or the story.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A fantastic article on Critiquing and Writers Group Basics
  • How to Revise Your Novel
  • Publishing While Broke (currently not for sale – down for updates)

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