Show Notes for Episode 24: Going Full Time as a Writer – Insanity Helps

Show Notes for Episode 24: Going Full Time as a Writer – Insanity Helps

Alone in a Room with Invisible People is a podcast focusing on topics related to writing, revising and publishing fiction.

A question Holly gets often is a variation of: “How did you go pro as a writer?”

I, (host Rebecca Galardo) and Author/Teacher Holly Lisle discuss her advice for other writers looking to earn a living as an author.  This plan lays out steps built from writing for over 35 years and being professionally published for almost 30 of those years.

Holly and Rebecca get personal and deep with examples of how Holly’s life has effected her people, her career – and and how her career has had it’s own effects.  An important listen for anyone wanting to make a living writing fiction.

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