Patreon Deleted for Ethical Reasons

I cannot stress how much the support of my Patrons meant to me.  Holly has funded much of this podcast’s start up costs on the faith alone that I would get the work done and consistently.  Thankfully I haven’t failed her there.  It’s a passion project for me and there is so much time involved.  So much.  And the fact that you all listen and are active in our forums, are using what we talk about, what Holly teaches in the podcasts…  it is incredible.

However, my goal of making enough on support that this podcast could support itself has taken a hit.  I wasn’t kidding when I said every dollar counted and it did 😀  The funds provided for the first few months provided the opportunity to learn new skills and not always the hard way. So thank you.

This article covers why I have chosen to not use Patreon:

The Beginning of the End for Patreon

If they change their terms, maybe it’s a future possibility.  I’ll be looking into better ways to fund the podcast without ads for things unless they are things we use and love and stand behind (Audible and Scrivener, for instance).

I cannot in good conscience use Patreon.  While the podcast had no original works that could fall under their bullshit terms (PERMANENT, IRREVOCABLE LICENSE TO PROPERTY, RIGHTS TO ALTER, MERCHANDISE AND (even, holy hell) SUBLICENSE and MORE – I am a creator.

Creators are my people.  Yes, they still own their works and no one else can claim anything else.  But Holly still has the copywrite on books she’s written that publishers are not giving back.  I grew up in a house where I saw how big publishers screwed her over again and again.  I saw how she struggled with no control over what they did with her materials.  And her contracts were typically better than this.

As an artist I fear for other creators within Patreon’s community.

Thank you again to all of the support I received for Alone in a Room with Invisible People.  Don’t worry, we’ll still be creating episodes.  We just need to find another way for it to support itself financially.

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