Episode 93 – Process

Show Notes for Episode 93 – Process

Have you been struggling with writer’s block?  Maybe you’ve got a ton of Hard Drive Zombies and you just can’t seem to finish anything.  Or maybe you’ve been writing a long time, have a decent amount of established work… and now what you’ve always done is failing you.

You’re not alone.

So many writers have writers have run up against the agony that slams you full body into a brick wall when your process suddenly just stops working.  Some writers don’t know what process is in general, much less can define their own.

In this episode Author and Fiction Teacher Holly Lisle and I (host, Rebecca Galardo) discuss several different processes she has worked through when creating several different works of fiction including different genres and a collaboration.  So listen and then jump into the forums to let us know: What is YOUR process?  Has it changed?  Has it ever failed or is it staying strong?  What do you do: cling to process and force it to the end?  Or drop it at even the hint of Muse Resistance?

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