Episode 76: How to Start Building a Language, Culture… and Story Ideas – Workshop

Show Notes for Episode 76: How to Start Building a Language, Culture… and Story Ideas

How to Write Fiction: How to get story ideas while building a Language and Culture!

What can you create with ten sounds and three words?  The in-depth start to an entire world!  The same with creating a belief like an every day item is Sentient and Evil!

Join Author and Teacher, Holly Lisle, and her daughter (writer and host, Rebecca Galardo) as they spawn ideas that thrill them from just the tiniest of worldbuilding!

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Special Note:Never were the type to be interested in creating a language?  COOL!  I (Rebecca) was the same!  Please: give it a go anyway.  Try it out.  It won’t take long and the worst case scenario – you’ve completely a unique writing exercise you don’t have to ever do again andyou maybe got a story idea out of it. Your Muse (Right Brain) needs stimulation and the Inner Critic (left brain) is the one telling you “I don’t do languages.” or “That’s not for me.” and “You don’t need them in your genre/writing/work.”

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