Episode 73: How to Plot Twists that Fit

Show Notes for Episode 73: How to Plot Twists that Fit

How to Write Fiction: How to Find Twists that Fit Your Story

Afraid of “anvils and aliens” intruding on your historical romance?  Finding your sweet YA has suddenly become horribly R-rated?  Maybe you’ve tossed a few spells into that Sci-Fi book you’ve been slugging along on.  Or perhaps you keep introducing new characters because your Muse says “Oh, here, this guy will TWIST things up!”

You know when something you’ve written doesn’t fit, sometimes intuitively and sometimes it’s just plain obvious.  Coming up with twists that fit the story and the world is not always easy.  In fact, most of the time it can be downright difficult.

(This week’s episode also features a Halloween Story Rebecca left out of the Special Episodes by accident – ENJOY!).

Join us in this week’s episode and as we answer this question, talking process, Muse, Inner Critic, letting go, limitations and how to chase that damned slippery twist.

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