Episode 35: Competition VS Cooperation Between Writers

Show Notes for Episode 35: Competition VS Cooperation Between Writers

Scathing crits, passive aggressive comments from a ‘friend’ or mean-spirited reviews can all rile us up.  But what exactly is behind a lot of this?

The desire to destroy others.

In this episode Holly delves deep into the ever-present ‘elephant in the industry’ and sets forth her flag in the underground fight for bringing other novelists and writers up – supporting them as your people instead of looking at them as a stepping stone from which to reach the top.

Many writers are out there fighting the good fight for themselves and each other.  Join us.  Be a part of the solution and keep readers coming back for more.

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Credits: Producer – Rebecca Galardo.  Sponsor – Holly’sWritingClasses.com.  Intro written by Holly Lisle and performed by Mark Hermann. Our podcast is 100% free and sponsored only by Holly’s Writing Classes.

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