Episode 31: 11 Common Stereotypes: How to Make Them (and others) Real People – Part One

Show Notes for Episode 31: 11 Common Stereotypes: How to Make Them (and others) Real People – Part One

Alone in a Room with Invisible People is a podcast focusing on topics related to writing, revising and publishing fiction.

In this two parter, I (host Rebecca Galardo) and Author/Teacher Holly Lisle discuss stereotypes that we’ve all seen in fiction: on the page or screen. The Evil Villain, Selfless Hero, Badass Chick, Tough Guy, Angsty Teen, Comic Relief, Henchmen and more. You might have other examples and that’s fine! Holly offers a system of questions and answers to show you how YOU can take a stereotype – ANY stereotype – from a bland cliche to a deep, well-rounded character.

We’ll show you what makes up these particular stereotypes and how to look deeper into characters that require more. Next week, we’ll wrap it up with the other half of the examples, the one rule you’ll need to remember when dealing with any character and a discussion on how you can use stereotyping and cliches to play with the reader’s/viewer’s expectations.

After the episode: Have something to say?  A question to ask? Jump into the forums at HollysWritingClasses.com and share with us.

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