Episode 28: Learn Your Genre – How to Dissect a Novel You Love

Show Notes for Episode 28: Learn Your Genre – How to Dissect a Novel You Love

Alone in a Room with Invisible People is a podcast focusing on topics related to writing, revising and publishing fiction.

I, (host Rebecca Galardo) and Author/Teacher Holly Lisle talk about her method for dissecting good novels – that you love– and breaking them down in order to learn the genre you want to jump into.

Whether you are wanting to write in a genre you have always loved or you need to learn a new one relatively quickly, Holly has done both and lays out a clear path to success in this episode.

Find out: how to spot the best parts of a genre, when you can leave out bits and how to add what matters to you into your work.

Listen to the episode, then hop on over to our site, print out the free worksheets (no email is asked for and there are no requirements or restrictions in order to download them) and get to work!


Episode 28 Book-Dissection Worksheets

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Credits: Producer – Rebecca Galardo.  Sponsor – Holly’sWritingClasses.com.  Intro written by Holly Lisle and performed by Mark Hermann. Our podcast is 100% free and sponsored only by Holly’s Writing Classes.

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  1. Where is the worksheet mentioned in the podcast? I’m not seeing any link (I’m using FF & MS Edge). Thank you for the podcast.

    1. It has been updated with the download! Please let us know if you still cannot access it! And you’re so welcome 😀

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