Episode 27: Goal Setting – and Goal KEEPING – for Writing Fiction

Show Notes for Episode 27: Goal Setting – and Goal KEEPING – for Writing Fiction

Alone in a Room with Invisible People is a podcast focusing on topics related to writing, revising and publishing fiction.

I, (host Rebecca Galardo) and Author/Teacher Holly Lisle go into Goal Setting and KEEPINGfor the fiction writer.

This is not about breaking out your planners or purchasing a $40 goal setting book or taking an expensive (or free) online course.  It’s not about vision boards or huge aspirations and big dreams coming true without knowing a single step to get there.

This is about finding the right goals, breaking those goals down, getting leverage, setting achievable targets and working towards them consistently, as well as how to reward yourself for reaching them!

When everyone is setting lofty year-end goals or scoffing at those “suckers setting New Year resolutions”, you can be mindful and strong and achieving wins from Day One.

After the episode: Have tips for our listeners on goal setting that have worked for you? Jump into the forums at HollysWritingClasses.com and share with us.

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Credits: Producer – Rebecca Galardo.  Sponsor – Holly’sWritingClasses.com.  Intro written by Holly Lisle and performed by Mark Hermann. Our podcast is 100% free and sponsored only by Holly’s Writing Classes.

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