Episode 14: The Scene Building Workshop

Show Notes for Episode 14: The Scene Building Workshop

Alone in a Room with Invisible People is a podcast focusing on topics related to writing, revising and publishing fiction.

In another experimental episode, Author/Teacher Holly Lisle walks the listener, and the host … me – Rebecca Galardo – through a scene building workshop.  She’ll define what a scene is for us and guide us through creating a good scene every time.  Play along: all you need is a pen and paper! Using the right questions, Holly and I create scenes from scratch for stories we now both want to tell.

We take a look at the following:

  • A clear and simple definition of what a scene is
  • Examples of scenes that might surprise you
  • The right questions to ask yourself
  • 4 Demo Scenes – Two from Holly, two from myself
  • How to know when to enter a scene and when to exit it.

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Credits: Producer – Rebecca Galardo.  Sponsor – Holly’sWritingClasses.com.  Intro written by Holly Lisle and performed by Mark Hermann. Our podcast is 100% free and sponsored only by Holly’s Writing Classes.


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