Episode 75: How to Worldbuild Fast

Show Notes for Episode 75: How to Worldbuild Fast!

How to Write Fiction: Workshop with Us While We Build Worlds in Around 5 Minutes (or less!) a Piece.

Are you the type of write who, like Holly, can spend endless hours – days upon days, weeks upon weeks, and more – world building?  Or are you the type of writer, like Rebecca, who ends up writing characters speaking and doing things in a barely there setting?  Perhaps you’re the type of writer who is a middle grounder, who does some world building but all of these writers can still wonder: have I done enough?

Today’s episode is all about world building fast.  If you tend to overbuild, underbuild or just wonder if you’ve really done enough, this episode is for you.  Even if you’re confident in what you’ve done, this might be a new approach to building stories and worlds that you haven’t tried yet.

Author and Teacher Holly Lisle and I (host, Rebecca Galardo) walk through prompts from our own brains, surprise prompts from each other and then collaborate on two ideas – creating no less than 6 rich worlds and story ideas in under an hour.

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