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Artifact Worksheet for the Lazy Worldbuilding Workshop


The Artifact Worksheet (accompanies The Artifact: How to Create a Story of Any Size)

Size: 1 MB
Version: 1.0
Published: October 20, 2020

Worksheets for the BIG Octopus Map Workshop

Build Your Series Octopus Map with This Worksheet

FREE DOWNLOAD. Listen to our episode and work along with us to build YOUR Octopus Map — the tool that will prevent your series from running amok or dying in the middle. INCLUDES Holly’s original Octopus Map for her Longview Series as a demo of a completed map. (This map was the primary tool used for the writing and completion of the entire series).

Size: 10 MB
Version: 1.0

Download for Episode 107: How to Write Animal Points of View

Writing Animal Points of View in Your Fiction
Size: 198 KB
Version: 1.0

Download for Episode 101: How to Build Your Sweet Spot Map

2020 AIARWIP Sweet Spot Map Worksheets

Worksheets for Episode [NUMBER]: Build Your Own Sweet Spot Map

Size: 191 KP
Version: 1.0

Download for New Year’s Episode: One Year of Winning at Writing Workshop

AIARWIP: One Year of Winning at Writing WORKSHOP

The 2020 New Year’s Episode on how to NOT create New Year’s Resolutions that fail — How to instead start a process that will teach you how to set workable goals that SUCCEED.

Download for Episode 70: Building Story Conflict with TINY Secrets from Language and Culture

Tiny Worldbuilding Using Just Language and Culture

Every variety of fiction benefits from both language building and culture building. And language and culture create great opportunities for telling deep, meaningful stories. So…

Download and print off your worksheets so you can play along with us in this episode.

Published: November 21, 2019

Download for Episode 69: Writing Funny: Putting Humor into Fiction

Worksheet – Writing Funny: Putting Humor into Fiction

Step-by-step humor-building worksheet for Episode 69: Writing Funny – Putting Humor into Fiction

Size: 179 KB
Version: 1.0

Download for Episode 68: How to Build Plot Arcs

DOWNLOAD Ep. 68 – The How to Build Plot Arcs Worksheet

Step by step process for turning an unmanageable big conflict into a compelling series of interesting scenes.

Size: 198 KB
Version: 1.0

Holly’s Ep. 68 Demo Worksheets

Ep. 68 Holly Demo Worksheet

Holly Lisle fills out the worksheet while building yet another “Book she now wants to write.”

Size: 13.4 MB
Version: 1.0
Published: October 10, 2019

Becca’s Ep. 88 Demo Worksheets

Download for Episode 58: Series Tie-In Worksheets

AIARWIP Episode 58: How To Build Novel Tie-Ins Using Flash Fiction and Short Stories Downloadable Worksheet

This worksheet goes with AIARWIP Episode 57, in which Holly and Becca create Novel Tie-In Sentences.

Holly is built hers from scratch while Becca is working from her Fulton Hills world.

Size: 166 kb
Version: 1

Holly’s Ep. 58 Demo Worksheets

Holly’s Tie-in Episode Demo Worksheets
Size: 3 MB

Becca’s Ep. 58 Demo Worksheets

Download for Episode 53: 30-Minute Worldbuilding Worksheets

AIARWIP Episode 53: 30-Minute Worldbuilding Downloadable Worksheet

This worksheets goes with AIARWIP Episode 53, in which Holly and Becca do quick worldbuilding by asking simple questions and then chasing the answers to find important elements of their stories.

Holly is building for her new urban fantasy Ohio series, Becca is building out a side branch of her Fulton Hills series.

Size: 188 KB
Version: 1.4

Holly’s Ep. 53 Demo Worksheets

30-Minute Worldbuilding – Holly’s Demo

Scanned copy of Holly’s worksheets used in this episode. Helpful to see exactly how you use the worksheets.

Size: 5.7 MB
Version: 1

Download for Episode 33: Plotting Surprises and Mysteries in Any Genre

Plotting Surprises & Mysteries Worksheets

Plotting Surprises and Mysteries Worksheets

What do you know that your reader doesn’t?

At the start of the story, everything.

But surprises and mysteries are built from misdirection — from allowing (or helping) your reader to assume things that are not true, to jump to incorrect conclusions, to look at the wrong pieces of evidence or the wrong suspects first, and to otherwise gently help your reader to follow the wrong paths so that you can break out the right path at the right time, and delight your reader with your cool surprise.


Surprises and Mysteries: Holly’s Demo

This is a really ugly PDF of my worksheets, which I threw away before I could scan them. Fortunately, I sent pictures of them to Becky before the show so she could see how I’d done the sheets.

These are pretty readable grayscale of those photographs.


Download for Episode 28: Learn Your Genre — How to Dissect a Novel You Love

Book Dissection Worksheets

Episode 28 Book-Dissection Worksheets

The most effective way to learn to write in a new genre is to read existing books in the genre and understand which parts of them connect with you… and which parts don’t.

Along with Episode 28, these worksheets will work you through the process of learning the genre you want to write.


WORKSHOP LINK: Coming up with a story idea big enough for a novel

Download for the YouTube Live Writing Chat

Coming Up with a Story Idea Big Enough for a Novel

The Alternative Artifact Process for Story Idea Creation
Size: 6 MB
Version: 1.1

Holly’s Complete Worksheet Demo

The Alternative Artifact Process — Holly’s WORKSHEET DEMO

Holly filled out the worksheets from one of her two demo artifacts. You can use her examples as one way to approach the questions you answer on your own. (Yes, smartass + puns is ONE way to build a novel idea)


Download for Episode 06: Settings and Worldbuilding

Your First Story World in Five Minutes

5-Minute World Building for Fiction

In this short demonstration workshop, you’ll a complete, effective story world in five minutes that will improve your story’s:

  • types of conflict
  • variety of characters
  • potential for compelling events, As well as…
  • your immersion as a writer
  • your reader’s immersion
Size: 658 KB
Version: 2.0

Downloads for Episode 05: The Story Brainstorming Workshop – Part Two

Download the brainstorming rules and guidelines:

EPISODE 5: Brainstorming Worksheets: The Wall & The Ball

Learn the “Wall and Ball” techniques for doing story brainstorming sessions with a partner, using the ideas you came up with on your Episode 4 story brainstorming worksheets (below) as your starting point.


Downloads for Episode 04: The Story Brainstorming Workshop – Part One

Download the blank worksheets:

AIARWIP Episode 4 Brainstorming Worksheets

Want help brainstorming story ideas? Listen to Episodes 4 & 5: Brainstorming Fiction, and work along with us as we build out brand new story ideas.


Holly’s and Rebecca’s Filled Out Paperwork:

Becca’s Worksheet Demos

Rebecca’s “live in the podcast” worksheets. Not completely filled out, because we were on the clock.


Holly’s Demo Worksheets

These are incompletely filled out because we were doing this live and running against a clock. Take the time to fill yours out completely.