CLOSED 2018 Halloween Flash Fiction Episode: Listener Edition


Listen to the 2018 Halloween Episode here.

DEADLINE October 1st 2018

*This blog post may be edited as we go along and run into issues or think of more ways in which to help you get accepted*

Submit a 500 word, Halloween-related piece of flash fiction by the deadline.  Include the story title, author name, complete story and ONE link for marketing yourself (website, blog, social media handle, etc).  Email your submission to

As mentioned in our Why Write Flash Fiction? episode, we are asking our listeners to join us for Halloween by writing a flash fiction story and submitting it for possible reading over the air!

Please understand that we cannot accept all flash fiction stories submitted to us, but what we can do is give you guidelines that can help make acceptance into the episode more likely:


  • 500 words or less.  Absolutely even one word over and the story will be rejected.  This number does not include the title or the name of author.
  • Please, PLEASE edit your work.  Look for any typos, misspellings, improper word usage, etc.
  • Completing Holly’s free 3 week How to Write Flash Fiction that Doesn’t Suck Course (or having completed it in the past) will help tremendously to show you what we are looking for.
  • Listen to the episode as well to learn why Flash Fiction is so advantageous for writers of any level.
  • Remember to include all story elements in a plot: Protagonist, Antagonist, Conflict, Setting, Twist.
  • Take your time with this.  Write more than one if you want and rewrite over and over.  Really try to hone this story and make it the best it can be.
  • Think about using every one of those 500 words if you can.  Some stories are fantastic in very few words, sure, but you have 500 – our suggestion is to make each and every one of them work hard to benefit you and your story!
  • Keep content Listener Friendly.  No erotica or questionable content.  If you have a question about something in your story that might or might not be allowed, email us at
  • The stories MUST be Halloween related.  They can be any genre: horror, action, fantasy, romance, science-fiction, etc.

What we can’t do:

  • Take every entry that is submitted
  • Explain where your Flash Fiction did not meet the requirements
  • Give critiques or editing suggestions